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What’s the difference between Rose Quartz and Jade?

What’s the difference between Rose Quartz and Jade?

If you’re looking to upgrade your daily skin care routine with our facial massage rollers, you might be wondering what the difference is between our Rose Quartz and our Jade massage roller. Let's start with the obvious - colour and price. While Rose Quartz is known for its light blush pink colour, Jade may come in a range of tones, but is most commonly recognisable by its various green tones.

Here are some key features to help you tell the difference and choose the best one for you or a loved one.

  1. Hardness - Rose quartz is a harder crystal and requires more effort to carve. The extra labour that goes into making the rose quartz roller also explains the difference in price
  2. Traditional use - Both gemstones are said to have healing powers. In traditional Chinese medicine, Jade is believed to balance the inner energy flows in applied areas, for an increased sense of harmony, peace and inner balance. Rose quartz on the other hand is known in many cultures as a lovers stone, associated with an open heart and unconditional love. The perfect self-care stone.
  3. Cooling effect - Rose quartz tends to stay cool while the Jade crystal adapts to the skin temperature.
    Extra tip: Place your roller in the fridge before use for maximum cooling effect. 

In a nutshell - Neither massage roller is necessarily better than the other. Ultimately it’s up to your personal preference. Both gemstone rollers will work wonders for your personal self-care routines bringing you joy and relaxation.

Why should a facial massage roller be part of my skincare routine?

Whether you choose Rose Quartz or Jade, adding a facial massage roller to your skincare routine brings a range of benefits and is worth those extra 5 minutes in the morning or at night.  

Benefits include:

  • Promoting lymphatic drainage - Our lymphatic system helps eliminate our body's waste. The gentle massaging motion of the roller encourages the movement of facial lymph fluids. This helps rid the face of toxins, with a purifying effect. This can have particularly positive effects on break-out prone skin
  • Increasing  blood circulation - The rolling motion helps stimulate the blood flow, helping your skin appear brighter for that fresh glow. A facial massage may also help with stuffy sinuses
  • Eases muscle tensions - Particularly around the temples, a gentle massage can have deeply relaxing effects after a long day. Massaging the sides of your face may also help reduce tension caused due to jaw clenching.
  • Decreases puffiness - Late night? A gentle massage will help ease puffy eyes, having you look fresh for the day. Use the short end of your roller for better accuracy around the eyes.
  • Increased product absorption - Using you face roller over a sheet mask helps work in the ingredients and can boost the absorption of your skincare products

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